The Ultimate List of Prompts and Ideas for Your Prayer Journal

by Doses of Grace

The Ultimate List of Prompts and Ideas for Your Prayer Journal

I do my best to talk to God every single day. I encourage you to pray every day and watch all of the blessings unfold around you. If daily prayer is new to you, it might be hard to come up with topics to pray about. This list of prayer ideas can be used as a guide to help deepen your relationship with God. You can use these prayer prompts to pray out loud or use them with your prayer journal. 

What is a prayer journal? 

A prayer journal is a notebook where you write down your prayers. I use a prayer journal to keep track of my prayers and when God answers them. It helps me to connect with God on a deeper and more intentional level. You can use any notebook, journal, planner, or a sheet of paper to get started. 

55 Ideas & Prompts for Your Prayer Journal 

  1. Pray for something you are thankful for 
  2. Pray for peace regarding a situation that has been bothering you 
  3. Pray for guidance on a decision you have been battling with 
  4. Pray today without asking for anything 
  5. Pray for a friend you are thankful for 
  6. Pray a Psalm over your life
  7. Pray for a loved one that needs healing 
  8. Pray for your best friend 
  9. Pray for a family member you are thankful for 
  10. Pray for safety in your community 
  11. Pray for a mentor or leader you are thankful for
  12. Pray for something you want God to teach you 
  13. Pray for your parents or in-laws 
  14. Pray for a goal that you haven't reached yet 
  15. Pray for and declare abundance over your life 
  16. Pray for a friend that you would like to share the Gospel with 
  17. Pray for how to find your purpose
  18. Pray for a family member that you would like to share the Gospel with 
  19. Pray for help in managing your finances 
  20. Pray Jeremiah 29:11 over your life 
  21. Prayer for your spouse
  22. Pray for advancement in your career 
  23. Pray for your neighbors 
  24. Pray for how to embrace grace in every day life  
  25. Pray for patience 
  26. Pray for a relationship that needs strengthening 
  27. Pray for discernment 
  28. Pray for your job 
  29. Pray for your education/your child's education 
  30. Pray for positive thoughts and energy 
  31. Pray for your pastor 
  32. Pray for your spiritual gifts 
  33. Pray for self-discipline 
  34. Pray for the marriages of people you know 
  35. Pray for a healthy relationship with food 
  36. Pray for the homeless and poor people in your community 
  37. Pray for your church and church staff  
  38. Pray for those who are without food 
  39. Pray for an enemy 
  40. Pray for a miracle you've been waiting for 
  41. Pray for confidence in an area you've been lacking 
  42. Pray for help to achieve your dreams
  43. Pray for gratitude 
  44. Pray for a fear you need to face 
  45. Pray for your children 
  46. Pray for open doors and new opportunities 
  47. Pray for something that makes you feel angry 
  48. Pray for clarity about a situation 
  49. Pray to trust God more
  50. Pray for your siblings 
  51. Pray for healthy choices 
  52. Pray for repentance 
  53. Pray for your words 
  54. Pray to "be still" according to Psalm 46:10 
  55. Pray for forgiveness



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